On Oct 2017, a creative gadget which called Freecube appeared in well-known platform Kickstarter, makes people's eyes brightened.

freecube Magnetic Connectors Make Snapping a Snap

The cube name FREECUBE, builds by Avatar Controls. There are four functional modules, and a total of 8 combinations to meet the personality and the use of demand. Now, it only has the white one but will launch black, wine red and navy blue later.

We normally use power socket every day. You will be surprised when seeing Freecube, it has 4 DIY modular, including USB power socket, bluetooth speaker, sensor led light and wireless charger pad. What’s more, it’s very convenient for product upgrade. The upcoming module is Amazon alexa-enabled voice module, so which module you'd like to see next? There is nothing we cannot do but something cannot predict.

Currently, Freecube is living on Kickstarter, completed more than 150%. Now spend $99 can get a complete modular hub, including the USB Power Socket base, LED Sensor Light, Bluetooth Speaker, and the Wireless Charger. If you wanna a power home hub, you can spend $39 to get power base and a wireless charging pad. It’s expected that delivery in Nov 2017. One thing needs to mention, FREECUBE now only supports US standard, the EU socket standard will launch at June 2018.

More information please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1470062165/freecube-the-worlds-first-modular-tech-command-cen